- The Community Speed Watch

The Community Speed Watch

The Community Speed Watch seeks to promote safer driving in our local communities by educating rather than prosecuting individuals. Volunteers will record the speed of vehicles on the main roads of the village and the data is passed to Bedfordshire Police. If a vehicle is reported the police can take the case further. However prosecution will not be possible from the speedwatch teamís recording. Community Speed Watch requires a group of at least two trained volunteers to operate.  Having registered as a volunteer you will be offered a training course run by Bedfordshire Police.  Equipment will also be provided. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact either the Clerk to the Parish Council or PCSO 3659 Gill Richardson, Police Community Support Officer. Contact details  on the Cranfield Parish Council website.

- OSO Coffee & Cake

OSO Coffee & Cake

This popular cafe is in the process of relocating from their 119B High Street premises to 140 High Street (previously Parklands store) on the other side of the street. OSO have a gallery wall where a local artist is invited to display their work for one month.  Opening day will be announced soon.

- Extended no-fly zone for drones around Cranfield

Extended no-fly zone for drones around Cranfield

Flying a drone within 5km of Cranfield airport, or over 400ft high, is a now a serious criminal act. Read the article on the Cranfield and Marston Vale Chronicle .